Soundproofing, or Sound Dampening, is more than just mitigating unwanted noise. In many cases, it’s about giving you back your quality of life. The type of noise you are trying to overcome shapes the tactics we use to lessen the problem. Knowing exactly the right solution for every soundproofing scenario is what makes us an expert in our field. We have invested thousands of hours developing unique methods to ensure the best result for your budget.

Are you living with unbearable noise from neighbors or other environmental factors?  Our experience in soundproofing will help you take back control of your environment. Have us visit your home for a FREE sound evaluation.

Restore your peace and quiet

We understand that your home is your greatest investment. There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling trapped in a situation you can’t control. Many people have gone so far as to consider selling their home just to escape audible disturbances. Our job is to make you feel comfortable in your home once again. Soundproofing can also add to the equity of your home.

Don’t run away from the problem—let Jensen Contracting help you overcome it.

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We start every project by evaluating the source of the problem. If you’re trying to escape bothersome barking, neighbor chatter, music or other audible disturbances, you’re dealing with what is called Airborne Sound. If your primary concern is noise associated with footfalls or low-frequencies (heavy bass from music, etc), your situation falls under what is called Impact Sound.

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Home Theaters & Recording Studios

In a home theater situation, you want to be able to turn up the volume and feel the base, without disturbing the rest of the house. In a home recording studio, it’s all about having a controlled sound environment.  Either way, we will help define the goals for the project and the options we have to meet them.

Once we have evaluated your goals, we match up what we need to isolate with the corresponding STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating required to achieve that standard of soundproofing. Then we address the four main elements of soundproofing that will achieve your goals; decoupling, mass, absorption, and dampening. Once we have a plan, we’ll present multiple options to meet the level of soundproofing you need.

One of the most important things that sets Jensen Contracting apart from other soundproofing contractors is that we will always build beyond your expectation. We address factors such as outlets or other gaps in walls to eliminate flanking. This attention to detail will help you reach the level of sound dampening you need.

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Do you have issues with unwanted noise? We’re here to help. We can greatly reduce sound from outside your home, giving you the quality of life you deserve. You can also make the most of the investments made in home theaters and recording studios with our professional grade soundproofing. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!


Building a solid future.

We support a wonderful charity that gives kids the security of a real bedroom. Beds for Kids empowers families with children by delivering beds and other essential furniture items to powerfully supplement the family’s resources as they rise out of poverty and into self-sufficiency.